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Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

Mark Nash began his  mortgage career in 2006 at the age of 18. Mark Shadowed and worked as commercial mortgage broker for his Father Mark Nash SR, Managing Director of MDN Capital Consulting for 10 years.

Mark was so eager to obtain hands on experience he began networking with local investors, private money lenders  and commercial mortgage brokers. . Mark  has closed  over 200 million dollars in loan volume over the span of his 10 year career.

In 2017  Mark decided to start his very own company ‘Peak Capital Funding, LLC’. Mark goal is to use to all of his resources,contacts, skills and training he gathered in the past 10 years and apply it now and become an advocate to investors seeking funding for their commercial  real estate investments.

In 2020 Mark transitioned from a broker to a private lender. We now have direct access to private capital, and partnered with MDN Capital Consultant and  Real Estate Mogul and Billionaire Chip Cummings.  We’re now specializing in commercial lending on  value add multifamily properties.


Q.  Why did you start Peak Capital Funding?

A. I wanted to bridge the gap between investors and lenders. I noticed that most investors shop around lender to lender with no established relationship  or rapport with the lender. A great benefit about using our service is that we can save you time and provide the best finance options. We have an exclusive partner agreement to provide the highest LTV in the nation on commercial real estate properties.

Q. Why does an investor need a broker when an investor can go directly to the lender?

A.  That is a question that is asked all of the time. The simple answer to that  question is to save our client’s time, money and resources. I have seen investors waste so much time going from lender to lender whereas you give us a call, we listen to your loan scenario and we pinpoint you directly to our lending partner that fits your situation. We have already thoroughly screened the top  lenders nationwide and partnered with them and built a solid business relationship. Our overall goal is to keep more money in your pocket.

Q.  Does all Brokers operate the same?

A. No.  Finding a great broker is like finding a great attorney or doctor. Investors need a trustworthy broker that will put their clients needs first before their own need. Investors need a broker that will work relentless throughout the day and make sure their client needs are satisfied.  

Q. Do you ask for money upfront or any deposit for your service.

A.  No. We do no ask or collect money upfront for our services. We are paid at closing directly from the title/escrow company.

Q. Do you work with other brokers. A.  Yes. We also work with other brokers. Brokers are protected by mutually signing a fee agreement.  We also guarantee  other brokers are paid at closing as well.

Q. Where are you located?

A.  We are located  in our headquarters in Dallas TX . Peak Capital Funding  is listed in over 50 cities and 10 states to help assist with clients throughout the nation. We can meet our local clients in person and our out of state clients via video conference. In some cases we can travel out of state to meet our clients in person.

Q.  What do you enjoy doing during your free time

A. I love spending time with my family, taking road trips and site seeing.