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Apartment Loans

Apartment Building Financing

We can help with apartment building financing. Whether you are looking for a creative solution through our private money investors, or in search of institutional money, we can help put together a loan that will secure the apartment building financing you need. In these times of tightening credit, it is more important than ever to have a specialist working to secure the financing you need. We specialize in difficult to place loans, providing private funding solutions when needed, and securing institutional financing when our resources warrant. Call us today, you will notice a superior level of performance and will get an honest assessment of your transaction. We are able to fund apartment building or multi-family loans of all types in California. Whether looking for acquisition funding on an apartment building, or refinancing existing debt, we have many multi-family loan programs to choose from. In addition, due to our relationships with numerous private investors and access to private money, we are able to finance many out of the box scenarios that banks may not be able to help with. We are able to cross collateralize multiple properties, finance rehab work to be done and work with properties that have other unique issues surrounding them. While we are able to help regardless of credit score, for those with credit of 640-650 or better we have additional, highly attractive California multi-family hard money loans available. These programs will finance up to 75% loan to value and rates typically start in the mid single digits. These are typically full 30 year terms with fixed periods of anywhere between 3 and 10 years. We can finance properties with 5+ units under this program. For properties with less than 5 units we can typically offer the same terms at the slightly lower loan to value of 70%. We can work with purchase transactions as well as rate and term and/or cash out transactions.

If you are in need of apartment building financing, call us today, toll free, 214 840 9410

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