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Hard Money Lenders in Austin TX

Little City Investments

Little City Investments is your premier private money lending firm for Austin. We are here to provide you with superior service and customer satisfaction. Our loans are based on real estate. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t delve deep into your personal finances in order to find a negative reason to deny you a loan. So, if you cannot secure funding from you bank to do a project, we will help you. Furthermore, the loan process is easy. You won’t have to submit an appraisal, just fill out a form and get the ball rolling. This just keeps getting better: Little City Investments offers interest rates minus the usual junk fees and prepayment penalties. Our rates for hard money start at 8.5% while construction loan rates are at 12%.

Texas Note Company

At Texas Note Company, we are committed to offering the best hard money lending services to residents of Austin and surrounding communities. Our mandate is to buy mortgage notes as well as real estate. Our professionals are here to help you get started. Notes investing can be a tricky affair, but we will assist you through the process. If you need mortgage services, we offer a full range of those as well. We maintain and use the most modern mortgage loan servicing automation software which includes auto-draft services that enable us to track all information relevant to each loan. If you’re looking to get a hard money loan for a real estate investment, we can give you a great deal.

Streamline Funding

If you need a loan fast and easy, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2002, Streamline Funding has been one of the biggest hard money lending agencies in Austin, Texas. While some companies make you wait weeks or longer to get a residential hard money loan, we get things done as quickly as possible. Regardless of what your needs are, we’ve got the right loan option for you. Streamline Funding has a proven track record for closing hard money loans in a timely manner and have earned a reputation as one of the Lone Star State’s most prominent real estate investment firms. You’ll be in good hands when you go with Streamline Funding. Click and log onto our website or stop in and see us. We look forward to doing business with you.

Loan Ranger Capital

Loan Ranger Capital is your answer to getting a fast, simple hard money loan. Our programs cover fix and flips, construction, rentals and cash directly to the customers. Go onto our website to learn about which program is for you. The loan process is simple and will not frustrate you. We get straight to the point. There is no need to get an appraisal and you won’t be charged any annoying junk fees. Loan Ranger Capital is a direct hard money lender with plenty of capital on hand to fund loans for our customers. In addition to individuals, Loan Ranger Capital provides hard money loans to corporations who require fast funding and are unable to secure funding through a banking or financial institution.

Investment Mortgage Hard Money Lending

At Investment Mortgage Hard Money Lending, we make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. We are one of the top Hard Money Lenders in the Lone Star State. In order to get started and approved, fill out an application. Afterward, our team conducts a deal analysis which includes looking at out-of-pocket amounts, profit potential, cash flow and ROI. Investment Mortgage performs an appraisal using a certified appraiser so you are guaranteed to get a professional job done. Finally, we tell you upfront and during the process what your costs will be so you’ll know everything that’s going on by the team the deal closes.