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Land Loans

Land Loans

While many lenders do not make loans on land, we continue to have access to funds for land loan transactions in California. We have access to both private and institutional funds and can help with your land loan request on both small lots and large acreage, as well as improved and unimproved land. If the land you are looking to finance is located in California, give us a call to discuss your scenario.

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Our loan to value ratios on land loans are typically between 20% and 60%, with most loans funding between 30% and 60% of the value. Pricing on our hard money land loans can vary, but typically speaking will fall out in the 11-14% range. In addition, we are able to fund based on an as complete value is there is construction involved. Often times we will need the property to be shovel ready with permits in hand, but we do have flexibility depending on the project. Due to the changing lending environment, it is best to call us directly with your land loan requests and scenarios. Regardless of whether you are looking for a land loan for a purchase, refinance or to improve the property, we are ready and available to discuss your specific situation and loan scenario. Typically speaking we can let you know the options we are likely able to provide with a brief 5-10 minute phone conversation.

For Your Land Loan Inquiries, Call us at 214 840 9410