Invest In Trust Deeds

Reasons to Invest in Mortgages and Trust Deeds

Safe, conservative investments backed by local real estate.

  • Targeted net returns of 8%

  • Returns distributed monthly

  • Investments secured by first mortgages on low leveraged commercial and investment real estate

  • Exposure to real estate without management hassles

  • Passive income

If you are an accredited investor, Hedge Fund or family office looking to invest in commercial first mortgages on real estate with above market returns we offer a complete turnkey solution for you to invest in private commercial real estate mortgages at low loan to values.

If you are a private investor looking to invest in real estate but don’t possess the know-how or time required to acquire investment properties, mortgage note investments are an excellent alternative. Mortgage note investments can offer attractive annual returns through a more passive investment vehicle. Every mortgage note is secured by desirable properties, and offer potentially high annual yields that can sometimes outperform the ROI achieved from investment property ownership.

Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, arranging private money loans and working with private investors. We have worked with a multitude of investors and have enjoyed building long-standing relationships.

Private investors earn high annual yields by investing in private mortgages, secured by first mortgages on real estate. We originate and service commercial mortgages and fund these loans with private investor capital.

If you are an  investor and seeking attractive returns, please email  [email protected] to learn about investment opportunities. For those new to mortgage note investing, mortgage note investments are a great alternative to purchasing investment real estate.

  • Conservative Loan-To-Value Limits. Loan-To-Value (LTV) simply means the amount of the loan divided by the value of the property. Lower LTVs mean lower risk, as there is greater collateral value securing the loan. While Wall Street loans of the mid-2000s were often done at 100% LTV and banks still routinely make 95% LTV loans on owner-occupied properties today, Peak Capital Funding  makes loans where the LTV at the completion of any improvements will be no greater than 75%. Overall, we target a portfolio LTV of no more than 65%.

  • Focus on Repayment. For each loan, we focus intently on how we will be repaid, even if the borrower defaults.

  • Focus on Safety over volume. We have been in all economics markets and learned that it’s much better to focus on risk aversion over volume. So we are very focused on this.

Fractionalized Notes

Fractional notes are single whole notes secured by real property that is owned by 2 to 10 investors. Each investor owns an undivided interest in the note and receives a pro-rata share of the monthly mortgage interest that is collected by a servicing agent and distributed to the investors every month.

Single Notes

Investors can purchase single whole notes secured by real property. The investor owns the entire note and the borrower pays the investor monthly mortgage payments which are collected by a servicing agent and distributed to the investor every month.


Transparency is an important aspect of any investment. Simply put, it’s important for you to know what type of assets are securing your investment and that there are no surprises later on. At Peak Capital Funding our goal is to provide complete transparency and, as a result, you review the complete underwriting and due diligence file with all documents and collateral information in it before you make a decision about investing.

In it is Financial Statements, Proof of Income, Credit, Leases, Appraisals, Title Reports, Insurance Underwriting analysis of the risks and the loan file. Once the loan is closed you also have access to detailed loan summaries, payment histories, project updates and photos, copies of key loan documents (such as Notes, mortgages, appraisals, etc.), monthly financial reports

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