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Non Recourse Program

Program Highlights

Loan Amounts:  $1 MM – $5 MM
Max LTV: 50-60%
Purpose: Acquisition & Refinance
Term: 1 to 3 year primary term
PROPERTY TYPES Office, Retail, Light Industrial, Warehouse, Mixed-Use, Multifamily (5+ Units), Hotel (with an approved franchise agreement ), MHC, Self-Storage, and other asset classes are on a case-by-case basis.  
AMORTIZATION Fixed Rate: Generally up to 30 years. Variable Rate: Generally interest only loans.
INTEREST RATES Fixed Rate: Generally spreads from 380-465bps over corresponding UST (or equivalent benchmark) Variable Rate: Generally spreads from 350-475bps over LIBOR (or equivalent benchmark)  
BORROWER Single Purpose Entities
PROPERTY  OCCUPANCY Investor and Owner-Occupied (subject to minimum credit requirements 650)
  FEES Fixed Rate: Generally no lender origination fee. Variable Rate: 1% origination fee and 1% exit fee.
RECOURSE Non-recourse to Principals except for bad-boy carve-outs; further guarantees may be required on a case-by-case basis.
  LOCATIONS Generally urban or suburban locations in primary, secondary, or tertiary markets
  DSCR May be minimal at closing (i.e. <1.0x) but >=1.2x on an underwritten, stabilized basis
  FUTURE FUNDING Generally loans are fully funded day one to include all future capital needs held in reserve
RESERVES/ESCROWS Reserves determined on a case-by-case basis for interest, operating expense, CapEx, repairs, TI/LC, etc.
Escrows required for taxes and insurance
Fixed Rate: Minimum 5% for 3-5 years. Declining 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%
Variable Rate: No prepayment penalty. 12+ months interest guarantee required


Take advantage of short-term, non-recourse, bridge loans designed to help borrowers execute on value-add repositioning plans for their commercial properties. Best for: Commercial properties with some existing cash-flow that require light rehab or re-tenanting before permanent financing is achievable.


Secure non-recourse financing for strong sponsors who require the flexibility of a direct, portfolio lender. Best for: Stabilized commercial properties, with in-place cash-flow which are near misses for Banks, Agency Lenders, Life Companies or CMBS Originators.

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