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TEXAS and TENNESSEE 100% Financing

             TEXAS & TENNESSEE 100% FINANCING                                                   


No Credit Check

No Appraisals

No Pre-Inspection

No Prepay Penalty

No Survey

No Upfront Fees   

Loan Options:

• 12.25% – 15.25%

•  Loan amount from $20,000 – $5,000,000

  100% Financing  of REHAB + AQUISITION

• 2 point loan origination fee

• $1,500 processing fee

*Processing fee is only collected if you close / buy the home 



Through Capital investors who  fund 100% of the rehab and purchase price at the closing table in lieu of a promissory agreement of 8% monthly interest guaranteed from the  lender once borrower make monthly interest payments.

-Capital investor receive  8% interest during the loan term

-lender receives  2-4% interest during the loan term plus 2-4 points at closing

-borrower receives 100% financing for acquisition and rehab or 70% of ARV. Once the home is  rehabbed and sold the borrower will earn a return on his investment, the capital investor will be paid off.

NO UPFRONT FEE  However A refundable deposit is required and held in your escrow account. 50% of the deposit is released halfway through rehab and the remaining deposit is released after 100% completion of rehab  Refundable Deposits are up to 50% of rehab cost


   No Worries.